Saturday, August 31, 2013

One World Market

Found a hidden gem today. Read about this spot in Indy Monthly and our errands Saturday took us far too close to it to resist!

Bottom line: we will be back...and soon!

Felt almost like we were back in Asia. Great sushi and noodle dishes.  Charles said we could eat here every day.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer is coming to a close. .

Labor day weekend usually means summer is coming to a close.  True too for the  regular season of our local Indianapolis Indians team.

And so we begin the last regular season game for the Hamm's. (We are holding out hope for a playoff game)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tour de France . . . Indy style

Ok that's a bit of an exaggeration.

Last weekend there was a criterium downtown. Never heard of a criterium before?  That's ok, neither had I.  I knew it involved bicycles and was happening on Mass Ave.  There would be beer for sale.  Works for me.

But I did look it up.

A one-day bicycle race on a circuit road course.

I gathered a group of friends and off we went.  I even rode my own bicycle up to the course.  They offered free Pedal & Park, secured bike parking.  Perfect.

Here are a few photos.  It was really neat but I don't think you'll see me on the courses anytime soon.  I much prefer leisurely tooling around town on my cruiser.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Six months later

Hard to believe that coming up this weekend we will have lived in this house for six months.

Even harder to believe that in all that time I didn't find the time to post photos of the house with furniture in it...despite more than a few requests...

We've had some significant updates in that time, and I would say we're living comfortably here.  There's still a number of boxes that need to be unpacked, but we need a garage in order to faciliate that process.  That'll be covered shortly.

So what's happened?

  • Furniture is in every room, some items much newer than others...
  • W&D is located in the laundry nook as originally planned thanks to Charles & Jane
  • Charles set up a great entertainment system where all of the boxes hide in a closet far far away from the actual TV in the living room. Yay -- minimal wires aside from the power cable to the TV.  We attempted to relocate the outlet but ended up drilling through our hardwoods instead.  Fun times...laughing now.  I think.  yep.
  • The most fabulous water softener and reverse osmosis water filtration system was installed thanks to Kinetico.  Picture another time because I don't feel like going in the cellar.
  • We own two bikes for tooling around town
  • Bought a tiny junior weber for grilling out on our deck.

What hasn't happened

  • Art work and decorations.  We're pretty bare bones right now.  lack of color and not a lot of items around.  minimalist..  Haven't figured out what we want yet
  • Reupholster 20+ year old dining room chairs.  Dining room set was my parents and it means a lot to me....but the fabric needs to go.
  • Yardwork.  The backyard remains a fenced in rock filled parking lot BUT Charles did a great job at pulling out a ton of vines and overgrown items so it looks much less like a jungle....but still not so awesome.
  • Light fixtures - want to put something fun in the dining room and bar area
  • I'm sure there's other items on our list, in fact I know there are...but they don't need to be listed...yet

And most importantly . . . we don't have a garage . . . YET.  We met with a guy named Ron last week that we connected to through some family friends.  He's putting together a drawing of a pretty serious garage.  In our ideal world it gets attached to the house via this quasi outdoor storage closet we have, and it basically takes up the entire western half of our lot.  North to South.  That leaves us with the existing deck, and room for a patio past the deck.  It's a standard basically two car width garage...but we're talking 40 feet deep.  Yep that means our garage would be 1,040 square feet all by itself.

Remember . . . Charles loves cars.  That's how this all makes sense.  Plus there's not much else we would do with that space because of the way our lot is laid out.

More to come later but here are the promised photos...

Living Room -- you see it as you come through the front door

Dining Room
Kitchen & "Bar" area

Guest Room complete with cardboard box night stand

Foyer to staircase

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom landing / storage area

Jessica's bike...complete with a basket.  Yes we wear our helmets.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Testing out the Blogger App

So from what I have gathered from the reviews, the biggest problem with blogger is that it puts all of your photos at the end of the post.
This seems pretty frustrating.
Additionally ... Google, the owner of Blogger, does not have Blogger sync'd up with Picasa...which they also own.  I don't get it.
So this is my test...
Above the dashed line is what I posted with Blogger.
Now I'm editing the post in Blogaway .... and the amazing piece is that I'm editing the post .... and I'm editing the post below the photo.  Apparently neither are possible with Blogger.  Silly Google.
So now let's try to add another photo....
well that didn't work.  Blogaway posted the photo to the top of the post....above what i had posted with blogger earlier. 
this really shouldn't be this hard.  what am i missing....?


Lesson learned use the website

Unfortunate the website reloads every time I attempt to upload a file.  Haven't figured out how to stop it yet.

So I'm still in a conundrum.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hope we like the neighbors

So far ... So good.

I've met Evan, walking his two dogs...Steve, walking his dog and Tad, a neighbor, also a realtor who showed our realtor around Fountain Square.

Aside from that, I don't think Charles and I actually have neighbors in the truest sense of the word, next-door.

The other house that was on fire in the last post, has yet to begin renovations, though I hear they are forthcoming.  The house to the other side, well, it appears vacant.  C and I both agree on that.  I think we may hear them if given the opportunity  -- we're a little close.


We knew this moving in though.  Fountain Square has quite a few houses set up this way.

On to the house.  We closed Feb 8th and the movers arrived on Feb 11th.

So -- here is a tour...pre box delivery

This is the front door, entrance to the house, and what will be our family room/living room.  AKA, where the TV will be.


We have purchased a new sofa and chairs for this room.  VERY different colors in the same fabric.  It's called DUMDUM Charcoal and Platinum if you'd like to google.

But you get the idea...I think contemporary is the word?

Petite Swivel ChairRupertSofa

The sofa had to fit just right ... it's sitting on the other side of the wall you're 'facing' in this photo of the Dining Room.  77 inches for the sofa.  We could've squeezed in 82 inches but at 77 there should be just enough room for a small end table.


In the dining room we have my Mom and Dad's china cabinet, and dining room table.  Need some new hardware ... update it ... on the china cabinet, but otherwise it fits in well.

This is a view from the Front Door into the home.  Living Room to Dining Room to Kitchen


The kitchen remains awesome.


The 'Breakfast' area which is where the 'bar' that Dad picked up in Hawaii will go.  Photo to come if you haven't already seen it on facebook....


The Laundry Room.  YAY I actually have a functional laundry room.


Once we build the garage, however, it will quickly become the mud room in times of rain, snow, ice, salt, and sand.  You access the mud room through our deck/yard.  Yard is generous description.  It basically used to be the parking lot for the duplex.  Rock, rock, and more rock.


Heading back inside we have a 1st floor master


One of 3 full bathrooms


1st Floor Master Closet

Behind me you can access our cellar.  Will be perfect for aging beer and wine.  Not sure what else.


One of the 3 bathrooms


Then we head upstairs to the 2nd floor master suite.

Have I mentioned that it is huge?

21 x 32 or something like that.


aka requires a king bed


This photo doesn't do it justice.  It's huge.

We also have a landing....thinking it would do better as a second closet


The bathroom is pretty sweet.

Very tall rain shower


Jetted Tub


That's all for now, at least until there is a room that does not have boxes in it.

It's going to be a while.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I drove to work this morning in 4th gear almost the whole took forever to warm up!!